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Great App

We love the ease of use and print/email option

A good start...

This app is a good start, but has Iimitations. I would love to be able to see my meal plan in a monthly view. It would also be useful to have a place to make special notes each day. I would also love to see a place to store favorite recipes.

Not worth the money

Doesnt link to online page in notes. There isnt that many functions to this simple app they should all work

Not a good idea

I want my money back. Tried to add the meals and then set up the grocery list by removing things I already had in the house. Nope. What a p.o.s.

Great app

This works for me. I just wanted a simple planner so I could plan meals and not have to use paper. All the others I tried were too involved for me. Really like the note I can add to the bottom of each day for any reminder. I am very forgetful and this helps keep all I need to remember in one place.


I really love this app. It is simple and easy. I wasnt wanting something to store my recipes as I already that and I love the one I use. I love that it sends the grocery list to my reminders!! The only reason I didnt give it a five is because I want it to be compatible with the iPhone so that if I am out I can look to see what the meal plan is for that day or the next etc. I would also love some more options to customize the look (ie: colours, fonts, more backgrounds) but that would just be a bonus

Just OK

There are much better meal planners- mealboard for example. This one is pretty basic and really clunky to use.

Brilliant APP

I have looked at 1000s of apps, and this is one of the best! Extremely well done, smart and useful. I plan meals on Sundays for the week, and this app is awesome. We are busy professionals and food/nutrition is important. With this app, planning is easy, shopping is effortless, and knowing what to eat and when is invaluable. This is hands down one of the best apps on the store!!!!!

So useful!

I use this app to plan my familys meals every week. Its easy to add recipes and to move them to the appropriate meal time. I really like how you dont need to enter all the recipe details - I just enter the ingredients that I might need to buy, omitting staples that I know I will have on hand. Ive built up quite a list of recipes, which makes meal planning more pleasant, as I can see all the recipes Ive already prepared. Mmmmm, havent had maple curry chicken in a while! The other feature I use the most is the grocery list. I like the "two view" list - one with everything and one with only the things I need to buy.

Does not work!

I can not plan meals for the week. I tried adding meals it did not work. Another important thing I expected is searching for recipes or suggesting meals for the day, I have to fill it myself.. Its useless.

Not user friendly!

Do NOT waste your money on this meal planner. It is not user friendly at all. I am unable to enter a simple title for a meal, such as "smoothie" for breakfast. Theres no need for me at attach a recipe as I know it by heart but it wont allow me to write that in. The online search tool is not helpful either. It claims you can use google to search but you need the exact web address to go to that site. Theres five dollars I spent that could have gone to real use.

Does what it says, simply.

Its a good app. One of the best Ive seen for meal planning. It would be better if you had an app for MacBook to sync with it or make it available on the web from my computer. Typing on my iPhone or iPad all the time isnt enjoyable. It would be more functional to be able to use my computer.

Perfect App

Love this app I had been searching hi and lo for an app you can write in your own recipes. It syncs with all my Apple products. If you read the help section it shows how to do everything! I also use an app called OrganizEat you can take pictures of the recipe from your own collection or from magazines and then type in the recipe on MealPlan! Cant say enough,Im 72 so if I can figure it out anyone can!

Not worth the money!

Very basic app, hard to modify the meal plans, regret spending money on it!

MealPlan App

I am absolutely loving this app. Quick and easy! I love how it generates a grocery list and I can add recipes I find online.

This is the perfect meal planning app!

What I love most about this app is the ability to pop in any URL for a recipe, and it automatically imports all of the ingredients you need, along with saving the webpage for that meal so that you have directions, etc. at hand. Other apps force you to add each individual ingredient by hand. Its such a time saver! Im so glad I found this. It will make my life ten times easier, and I love having all of our favorite meals stored and organized in one place.

What happened

I really like this app. Have been using it for a longtime. Today I am having a problem emailing my grocery list and weekly menu. It is not sending.

Not User Friendly

Cannot fog urge out how to add food items to list. No instructions and difficult to figure out. Still cannot.

Very confusing


Love it

After a little playing to figure it out I love it! Can add groceries from Siri and it syncs with all my devices. Its easy to pull in recipes from online. A little more time consuming to add my own. But overall this has helped me organize and end up more efficient at the store and no more wondering what to eat!

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