MealPlan Meal and Grocery Planner App Reviews

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Great App

I love this app. It does take a little bit of work to get ingredients in for recipes, but once they are entered and you have that meal scheduled it adds the ingredients to the grocery list. Great upgrade on linking to recipes as well. I can find recipes online and add them to my list, then when ready to make that meal, can automatically bring up that recipe in MealPlan. This has saved me lots of time from my old paper routine.

Love it

After a little playing to figure it out I love it! Can add groceries from Siri and it syncs with all my devices. Its easy to pull in recipes from online. A little more time consuming to add my own. But overall this has helped me organize and end up more efficient at the store and no more wondering what to eat!

Very confusing


MealPlan App

I am absolutely loving this app. Quick and easy! I love how it generates a grocery list and I can add recipes I find online.

Not User Friendly

Cannot fog urge out how to add food items to list. No instructions and difficult to figure out. Still cannot.

What happened

I really like this app. Have been using it for a longtime. Today I am having a problem emailing my grocery list and weekly menu. It is not sending.

Not worth the money!

Very basic app, hard to modify the meal plans, regret spending money on it!

This is the perfect meal planning app!

What I love most about this app is the ability to pop in any URL for a recipe, and it automatically imports all of the ingredients you need, along with saving the webpage for that meal so that you have directions, etc. at hand. Other apps force you to add each individual ingredient by hand. Its such a time saver! Im so glad I found this. It will make my life ten times easier, and I love having all of our favorite meals stored and organized in one place.

All-in-one Planning and Shopping - Outstanding!

Three words: Simple. User-friendly. Smart. Outstanding!

If only syncing worked

We invested a lot of time and energy into meal plans and recipes only to discover that syncing over iCloud doesnt work and the dropbox syncing is completely unreliable. Its a real bummer.

Trying to Eat Right

This app does not have the flexibility to really plan meals unless you cook using recipes-which I dont. While, if you are patient enough to type in your own recipes, OR if you experiment with on line recipes (which I dont)it probably would work fine. IF like me you are looking for a digital chalkboard to plan your week of simple meals in a weekly format that would give you a shopping list section to type in yourself THIS IS NOT IT. Sorry I wasted the money.

Apple Watch

Worthless app to me. I got it because of the Apple Watch integration but it doesnt sync correctly. Half of the items dont show up and it doesnt sync when you check things off. I may be asking for my money back because it is worthless to me.

Perfect App

Love this app I had been searching hi and lo for an app you can write in your own recipes. It syncs with all my Apple products. If you read the help section it shows how to do everything! I also use an app called OrganizEat you can take pictures of the recipe from your own collection or from magazines and then type in the recipe on MealPlan! Cant say enough,Im 72 so if I can figure it out anyone can!

Great app

I love this for weekly grocery planning and organizing. Would give it 5 stars if the notes would print with the meals.

Does what it says, simply.

Its a good app. One of the best Ive seen for meal planning. It would be better if you had an app for MacBook to sync with it or make it available on the web from my computer. Typing on my iPhone or iPad all the time isnt enjoyable. It would be more functional to be able to use my computer.

Great App that wont sync - deal breaker

If I werent married, Id rate this app at 3-4 stars. But I am and for a menu plan and grocery list app to work for our family it has to sync between mine and my wifes phones and we couldnt get it to work, though either syncing option (Dropbox or iCloud). Disappointing since I liked the app. Back to seeking an alternative.

Does not function properly

I immediately deleted app after purchasing

Cant add or edit meal items on iPad

I love the drag and drop concept and the calendar layout but I couldnt, for the life of me, figure out how to add meal items (called recipes) to the limited list of items. For example, eggs, bacon, and toast were available for breakfast but not oatmeal. But theres no ability to add an item on the iPad. Because I wanted to sync to my phone I downloaded the app to my phone. Am so glad I did because the phone version has the ability to add items. So I will add items there for now but I cant give a better rating until I can add items on the iPad.

Great, helpful app

Ive been searching for a app where I can log all my meals beforehand. This app does it! I can do it for the weak or month!! Its great because all I have to do is open the app and my meal is already there. I prepare all my meals 1 week before, and sometimes I may get confused but all I have to do is look ok at my meal calendar and there it is!! What is also great is that I log everything in on my iPad and it syncs to my phone!! Very simple!! I would recommend!

Greatest app ever!!!!

My wife and I be looking for a good meal planner for ever and tried numerous ones without success. At first she refused to pay four dollars for the purchase of this app and we had already spent considerable amount of time researching a good one. I said f@&% it Im going to download it, and our journey began. This app is incredible, we plan our week and it added our groceries and even pulled the shopping list for my recipes what more can you ask for we synced it with dropbox and were off to the store! As busy professionals it helps to know exactly what we are cooking and when. No more expensive last minute take-out. We are in love! Now for a watch app ;].

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